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5 Reasons why Athletes should consider pursuing a career in tech sales

Posted by Angus Gilmour • Posted on November 8, 2021

What is Tech Sales?

The technology sector is continuously expanding, with new and existing companies inventing products and services to solve problems globally and address our needs and wants.  It encompasses Hardware (physical devices) along with various types of software and services to enrich our lives. 

A tech sales professional connects these products and services with customers, either individual (B2C) or organisations (B2B). Responsibilities vary across company and position, but often include: 

  • Researching and reaching out to potential buyers (prospects) 
  • Discovery calls to establish whether your prospects have a need that your product or service can fulfil
  • Live demonstrations to highlight where your product can solve your prospects challenges
  • Negotiating terms, overcoming objections, and closing deals
  • Ensuring customers are satisfied with the product or service and wants to keep using it. 

What are the benefits of working in Tech Sales?

The competencies and drivers which Athletes typically possess align nicely with what’s required to succeed in a Sales/Business Development focused career. This combined with what a tech-based sales career can offer makes for a highly rewarding career path for Athletes. We’ve listed 5 of the key advantages below: 

  • Fast career progression: You’ll be working with high growth companies in a high growth sector, where results are measurable and rapid career progression is based on merit. 
  • They are “Future Proof”: It’s true that technological products and services are already replacing some traditional jobs. As long as these innovations keep coming (and they will) the tech sector will have a huge demand for Sales/Business development professionals. According to the World Economic Forum’s future of Jobs Survey 2020, Business Development/Sales focused careers will have an increasing demand for foreseeable future.  
  • Low barriers to entry: In comparison to many careers, requirements for extensive formal education are more flexible. For Athletes who have focused purely on sport and have less formal education, it’s a brilliant entry point for career transition.
  • Exceptional Financial Rewards: High performers have huge earning potential, unrivalled by most other career paths.
  • Engaging work: Technology is transforming every aspect of our lives, with tech companies seeking to address almost every conceivable problem. This provides opportunity to find rewarding work in niches that you have a passion for.

We hope this provides some insight into what tech sales is and what it can offer. To learn more and explore whether this career path could suit you, register with us or reach out at

Keep an eye out for our next article where we’ll outline the typical role types that Athlete Origin recruits into, and what they involve!